72 Ways to Prepare
Beans & Rice…and Love IT!

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We have all heard Dave Ramsey tell people to eat bean & rice, rice & beans while they embark on the journey to become debt free. He also warns that we will have to but the book “72 Ways to Prepare Alpo and Love It” if we don’t plan for our financial futures. “72 Ways to Prepare Beans & Rice…and Love It” was created to cater to all of us who want to succeed on the journey to financial freedom.

No need to dread eating beans & rice to cut back on the grocery budget, now that you have 72 delicious new recipes using beans and rice. The book includes recipes for Alfredo Beans & Rice, Burrito Casserole, Chocolate Bean Spread, Huevos Rancheros, Rice Pudding and, my favorite, Traditional Bean Pie!

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