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2015 Reverse Scholarship Announcement


Here at “72 Ways to Prepare Beans & Rice…and Love IT!: Cookbook for Dave Ramsey Fans” we want to be irrationally generous and bless other while they are on their journey to financial peace.

Our goal is to bless a College Graduate with student loan debt. They will receive a reverse scholarship paid to student loan.


We will give 10% of the royalties earned between November 23, 2014 and November 22, 2015.  The amount will vary based off of book sales.

Amazon.com = $1.07 per book
Amazon CreateSpace E-Store  = $2.15 per book


Application must be emailed to beansandrice72@gmail.com by November 30, 2015.


  • Must be a Financial Peace University graduate/student and actively working the 7 baby steps.
  • Graduated from college/university (2 year or 4 year) in United States and still have student loans.


  • Personal Statement about your financial journey. (No more than 2 pages typed in Times New Roman font)
    Feel free to include information about: your motivation to attend FPU, get out of debt, giving, working the baby steps, the sacrifices, lessons learned, your success so far, your perspective about the future and anything else that will help bring your story to life on paper.
  • Total Money Makeover customized (Example)
  • Copy of FPU certificate
  • Recommendation letter from FPU coordinator (optional)
  • Recommendation letter from accountability partner (optional)

Please share with anyone you know that would benefit from this opportunity.

If you have questions you can email them to beansandrice72@gmail.com or post it in the comments section below.

Photo from Lifechurch.tv

Photo from Lifechurch.tv